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The province of León has always had a very important beekeeping tradition defined by a large number of beekeepers with small farms in number of hives and widely spread throughout the province. Thanks to all the beekeepers and their bees, practically all the pollination of the flora of the province has been guaranteed.

We speak in the past tense because in recent years, three factors are decimating this pollinator function, essential for the cycle of more than 60% of the food consumed throughout the province. These factors are the rural exodus, bee diseases and lately the fires that have destroyed entire apiaries.

Many people have taken a step forward in favor of the environment of the province and are installing hives and training as beekeepers, making this activity their profession or a second paid activity. Others want to learn management and have contact with bees to obtain their own quality honey.

But there is another group of people who are attracted to this activity, its products and the defense of the environment but do not have the time or knowledge to place hives in the countryside on their own.

Apadrinar Colemnas

From the URZAPA Consulting Firm and in collaboration with the Oso Pardo Foundation, we present the project: Sponsor a Hive, Create Nature that can alleviate existing pollinator deficiencies and will also provide very interesting rewards to the people, companies or institutions that get involved with us. in the form of products from the hive. Companies can take advantage of this project for different and exclusive details and/or business gifts.

The “Sponsor a Hive, Create Nature” project consists of the following. All those citizens who are regular consumers of hive products and who are aware of the importance of bees in the Environment have a place in the project.

These citizens or sponsors are assigned a hive from among all the URZAPA apiaries in the province and pay the cost of an ecological hive (€150) which can be divided if more than 5 hives are sponsored. You can sponsor up to 15 hives per sponsor. With 5 sponsored hives there is the possibility of receiving 3 fractional orders of products throughout the year.

This payment can be made at any time of the year.

At the time of adoption, the sponsor receives a Sponsorship Certificate with a code assigned to the hive. This Certificate will be issued by Miel Ecológica URZAPA and signed and endorsed by the Oso Pardo Foundation, which will receive €10 in the form of a donation for each sponsored hive.

The godfather will receive every year in October and for 3 years, a batch of URZAPA products worth €55, of the products previously chosen by the godfather. Of the €55 in products, only 50% of the shipping costs will be deducted, if necessary. That is, the godfather will receive a total of €165 in URZAPA products that will always have a discount compared to the price on the website. This represents almost a 30 percent benefit for the godparents.

Additionally, in the month of June of each year, a date will be set up when the sponsors can visit the hives.

Sponsor a URZAPA hive

Below by clicking on the image you can sponsor an URZAPA hive through the website.

Apadrina una colmena URZAPA


Gift a sponsor ship of an URZAPA hive

If you want to give a sponsorship, you can do so below by clicking on the image and indicating the person receiving the hive and the products during the year.

Regala una Colmena

If you want to give a sponsorship, you can do so below by clicking on the image and indicating the person receiving the hive and the products during the year.